ABOUT Thank You Wedding Magazines

Thank you cards are old school.... Its time to do something NEW and BESPOKE for your guests!!

So, when it comes to thanking your guests, what do you do? Send just one amazing picture of you both and a generic message on the back, or hand write something for every guest? Why should only your immediate family get to see the full range of (expensive) photos you want everyone to see!!! 

Our Thank You Magazines showcase highlights from the day especially your favourite photographs. Why not also have a section on your amazing honeymoon and quotes from your guest book? Here are some of the examples of pages we can include:

- Highlights of your wedding day 

- Wedding Day Photos

- Speeches

- Quotes from the ceremony

- Thank you messages

- Memorable Moments

- Honeymoon Story and pictures

This really is a new concept, a way to WOW your guests and also something that they can keep forever!

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We recommend your Thank You Magazine starts with at least 16 pages. This is to ensure that you are able to include all the contents you need. 

All the contents in the magazine are written by you, the pictures are of you and our job is to make the magic happen by using our creative ideas to put it all together! 

To discuss what you would like in your personalised magazine then please contact us

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