About Biggest Day Wedding & Thank you Magazines

Congratulations on thinking about something unique for your wedding!

Can you remember the invitations, order of service or thank you card from the last wedding you went to?

If you’re like me the answer is probably no and they have long since either been recycled or stored in a box or drawer somewhere. 

Or if the answer is yes, I am sure you might be thinking everything was nice but how can we do something different or bespoke for our wedding? 

If you want to create something more personal, more memorable and something your guests will want to keep and talk about, then you're on the right website! 

We specialise in making bespoke magazines, personalised especially about and for you! You are the cover stars and the editors. We provide the ideal wedding stationery for your biggest day.

We generally cover these bespoke Magazines: 

Wedding Day - This is handed out to guests as they arrive at your wedding! It can include key information or maybe articles like...... meet the wedding party, your order of service, welcome message, menu and lots more!

Thank You - Forget thank you cards, WOW your guests with your very own magazine showcasing your wedding day photos. You can also include........ personal thank you message, wedding day photos, honeymoon highlights and more!

So take a look around our website and please drop us a line if you require any further information on what we do. 

Here at Biggest Day we have a phrase that we swear by:

”Memories Live Longer Than Dreams”

And in a nutshell that’s what we do, our magazines help you store those unforgettable memories. 

Best Wishes 

The Biggest Day Team